Two cents: An Introduction To Indian food!

Hello, Welcome back to two cents with Pri. Today, I want to talk about food and not just any food, Indian food. I might sound bias, But there is no way that anything can beat a well-served Indian cuisine. The country is diverse…

I’ve been inclined to the charm of anonymity since I can remember. my questionable thoughts walking in the door of different premises ignoring the unattainable consequence. leading a life this way gives not much, but does not asks for much either. This Path that is too often twisted and bends…

Greeting from me, Not like people are expecting or I’m much reliable, But one must do it when it’s due and now felt like the time. This is my second attempt at drafting a new chapter in two-cent series. This one will not sit on the desk longing for its…


Quarantine Poem. May.16.2020

I don’t get the gothic god,

Miserable, dressed in dark,

Hiding the flesh, and

The Colour of skin,

You howl, you morn,

You take the life and live long,

I read,

About the pathetic brain

In need,

A soul lost in the well,

A heart,

Beating at subtle pase.

I personify the thoughts

Because that’s all I have

LIFE IN QUARANTINE: What’s Peculiar About Friday Nights?


Six months ago I was trying to sleep in the bed with stress, covered in the duvet of pressure to get my life on track. Planning out next six years. …

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